Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family History

The Carpenter Family Reunion.
Gogi, Mimi, Kate, Lydia, and myself traveled to Cherryville, NC for our annual family reunion. We had such a great time! The drive was beautiful, the girls were so so good, and it was nice to reunite with family. Here are some pictures of our family trip!

Exploring is such fun!

Sweet Lydia!

Lydia up in a! Great job!

Kate climbing a tree!! She was so proud of herself!

Below are pictures from the Carpenter family farm. My Grandmother was the youngest in the family and this is where she grew up. I believe the main crop they grew was cotton. Her brother lived here many years and then his son and wife...I remember coming here as a young girl and seeing peacocks, guineas, pigs, cows, horses, and crops (including cotton...really neat). It was such fun to visit the farm with Gogi, Mimi, Kate and Lydia!

This is the potato house...I guess potatoes were hung and stored here!

This is the wash house.

We are in front of the old smoke house on the Carpenter farm.

Mimi and the girls looking at a horseshoe.

The barn...
Mimi, Kate, and Lydia went exploring in the barn and came across a cow...
Wow, my mom jetted out of that barn so fast!

The slave house on the farm where my Grandmother grew up...
yes, her family's slaves lived there.

Lucky horseshoe by the door of the slave house.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cheer Camp

Kate and Lydia on their last day of Cheer Camp!

Kate, Lydia, and Lindsay...
The girls were so excited to be together four mornings in a row! Camp was such fun!
Jennifer and I decided to dress them alike on the last day to celebrate! It was so cute!

Kate was so excited that she could walk on the high beam all by herself and jump off, too! She did an excellent job...way to go Kate!

Lydia's got 'bout you?

Kate in a lift doing a "high v," she is loving it!

Lydia, Laura Kate, and Kate...the girls just adored their new friends at camp!