Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Day at the Lake

Liddy and Kate have been asking to go on a boat for so so long now and today they had the chance! They were both so excited! We went with our neighbors to the lake to SPARC 2008 where children and adults with disabilities have the opportunity to water ski, kayak, jet ski, ride on boats, swim...etc. We went with them last year and had fun, but wow this year was a blast!! The girls swam in the lake, turned flips on the swing set, decorated magnets, wall plaques, and picture frames, took their very first boat ride, paddled on a paddle boat, and they took a ride in a kayak. We all had so much fun!!!

Kate on a pontoon!

Ian, Kate, and Liddy playing in the lake. The girls put their goggles on and went under the water...they said, mommy it's really brown we don't want to go under anymore!

Aileen and Ian swimming in the lake.

Ian loved riding on the boat!

It always makes me giggle when they say, "cheeeeeeese!"
This is Ian, Liddy, Kate, and Charlotte.

It was just yesterday that daddy taught us to flip all the way over on the bar....

Liddy was so proud to do the flips by herself...yay Liddy!!